Ronald Koster
Ronald Koster is a “Creative & Commercial Photographer” with a passion for independent work. Ronald is a “strobist” photographer of the first hour, and is specialized in the use of speedlights. For his autonomous work he “picks” his models often from the street. Ronald has worked hard in recent years to its own recognizable consistent style, which did not remain unnoticed. His photographs have not obtained their perfectness by endless post-processing but especially by smart use of flash. Shooting with flash is much more than drop a few flashes and have it go off.

Since 2010 he gives national and international trainings, seminars and lectures focusing on flash photography.


Richard Terborg

Richard is a Conceptual Fashion, Portrait and Fine-Art Photographer. His background in media and design helps his overactive brain keep up with the many things he does at the same time. Add a drive for getting people to ‘stop talking and start doing’, and you’ve got Richard Terborg in a nutshell.

Immersing himself into the world of photography is no different. His growing affinity for directing, producing, casting, arranging models, building sets, collaborating with other artists, to shooting and post-production makes continuously learning and growing within his craft a force of habit. His unconventional mixture of evocative and editorial photography makes working with him an experience you take with you on all your endeavors. Not to mention his highly contagious energy that will make you feel on a caffeine high without the caffeine.


Adrian Sommeling

My name is Adrian Sommeling. I am a photographer, digital artist, graphic designer and web developer based in the Netherlands. From 1990 I have been earning my living by working in the advertising industry. In fact, I have worked for many national and international companies as well as for different agencies and governments.

I do not only work for my clients. In my spare time I do love creating photos out of surreal situations, very often my own son is the main character within the scene through him I disclose my own past and future stories. I also give workshops all around the world.